NRHH hosts the annual Quarter Auction as one of the main events in the fall to raise funds for the St. Baldrick's Foundationa charity committed to finding a cure for childhood cancers.


Sunday, October 24, 2021 from 6:00PM-8:00PM at the Willa Cather Dining Complex (WCDC) - Red Cloud Room (Located on the first floor)


Win any of the below prizes and more at this year's event!




To have a chance at a prize, an individual must be present at the event and place a minimum of 1 bid (maximum of 5 bids) on an item. Each item will have a designated bidding amount of $0.25 to $7.50 based upon value of the item.

1. Purchase at least 1 Bidding Paddle (up to a maximum up 5 Bidding Paddles) for $1 through UNL Marketplace.

2. A Bidding Paddle allows you to submit 1 bid per paddle.  (i.e. If I purchase 5 paddles, I can submit up to 5 bids to have 5 chances to win any prize I bid on.)

3. During the event, we will open bidding on items in groups of 9-10 prizes at a time. Once bidding has completed, we will confirm all the bids submitted are official. After a short intermission, we will draw names for each of the prizes, then begin the next session of bidding.


Prizes will be awarded during the event. Individuals not present will be directed following the event to either pick up prizes at their residence hall front desk after delivery, or to pick them up from the main Residence Life office at WCDC on the third floor M-F during normal business hours. Your NUID Card will be required to confirm your identity.


Contact us at if you have questions or want more information.