NRHH sash

The National Residence Hall Honorary is an organization that is made up of student leaders in the residence halls. These outstanding individuals have contributed large amounts of time and effort in order to better the lives of the residents living in the halls. The UNL Scarlet & Cream Chapter of NRHH was founded in 1989. Ever since then it has grown into an honorary that works to better the lives of not just the residence hall residents, but also the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and the surrounding community of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Just as other chapters across the nation do, the Scarlet & Cream Chapter of NRHH is based on two essential values that serve as a foundation for the organization.


Service is an excellent way for the members of NRHH to give back to the community that helped shape them into the excellent leaders they have become. The best part about the service projects the Scarlet & Cream Chapter of NRHH does is that they not only affect the UNL residence halls, but also UNL, Lincoln, and surrounding areas in Nebraska.


Recognition is the fuel to the fire of leadership. When others find that their hard work has been noticed by someone, they are encouraged to keep up the good work. They take on bigger tasks and work more aggressively on their projects. Eventually, because they were recognized as doing an excellent job, they will become outstanding student leaders.