Executive Board

National Residence Hall Honorary Executive Board

NRHH Executive Board Posing at Induction

NRHH's Executive Board is made up of four executive positions and 2 advisors. These individuals help to lead the chapter in its efforts of mentoring leaders in the residence halls, service to the community, and recognition of events, residents, and university personnel. Below you can find each executive and officer for the current academic year as well as more information about the duties of each role.


Executive Position Responsibilities President
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 9 hours per week
  • Host weekly office hours and/or tabel for the Honorary
  • Sets agenda and runs NRHH Chapter & Executive Board meetings.
  • Oversees the duties of the Executive Board and meets monthly with Executive Board members.
  • Maintains and updates list of Chapter membership, attendance, and member points allocation.
  • Manage assignments of NRHH committees and follow-up with chairs on completion of committee goals.
  • Serve as or appoint a liaison between the Chapter, the RHA Senate, and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
  • Work with RHA to plan and organize training events, senator recognition, and the NRHH &RHA spring recognition banquet.
Vice President of Operations
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 6.5 hours per week
  • Host weekly office hours and/or tabel fro the Honorary
  • Preside over executive and chapter meetings in the absence of the Chapter president.
  • Manages NRHH's budget and keeps all NRHH financial records.
  • Submits spending guidelines and budget allocations for Chapter approval during the first two semesters of the academic year.
  • Reports to the NRHH Chapter & Executive Board on current allocations, expenditures, and changes to spending policies or procedures.
  • Manage the chapter’s system for funding requests including communications with requestors and bringing requests to the executive board or the general membership for consideration.
  • Monitors compliance of NRHH policies and requirements for funding allocations.
  • Submit all payment requests & associated forms on behalf of NRHH as outlined by SOFS.
  • Take minutes during NRHH Chapter & Executive Board meetings and submit out to appropriate groups for reference.
  • Organize the annual NRHH scholarship selection process.
  • Manage website updates
Vice President of Recruitment & Values
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 6.5 hours per week
  • Host weekly office hours and/or tabel for teh Honorary
  • Create the schedules for new member application & intake processes.
  • Create any advertising or supplementary materials associated with membership recruitment in collaboration with the Marketing Coordinator.
  • Manage the submission and review process of all membership applications.
  • Plan the setup and logistics of recruitment, membership induction and membership intake events.
  • Ensure all initiatives by the Scarlet & Cream Chapter align with the NRHH Values of Service, Leadership, and Recognition.
  • Manage NRHH's participation in recruitment events and membership information.
  • Manage NRHH's participation in at least 5 hours of service per semester with 3 hours directly impacting the campus/local community 
  • Create and maintain a lsit of service opportunities from the community and campus
  • Assign and maintain and updated list of NRHH Diamond Duos / NRHH Buddy assignments.
  • Create advertisements for upcoming events and submit content for digital screens.
  • Creates content for Chapter marketing materials, brand items, and social media content.
  • Manages chapter social media accounts.
Vice President of Regional Outreach
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 6.5 hours per week
  • Host weekly office hours and/or table for the Honorary
  • Promote the use of Of the Month (OTM) awards to recognize efforts and individuals within the residence halls.
  • Provide guides and training to aid residence hall student leaders and professional staff in writing of OTMs.
  • Manage review of submitted OTMs, appropriate category assignment, and selection of OTM winners every month by the Chapter.
  • Submit campus level OTM winners from UNL to the regional level for consideration by the 10th of every month.
  • Coordinate delivery of awards and recognition of campus, regional, and NACURH level OTM winners including outreach to all OTM nominees.
  • Attend all regional (MACURH) and national (NACURH) business meetings and chats as the official voting representative of UNL.
  • Be responsible for chapter re-affiliation with NACURH.