OTM Regional & National Winners

The "Of the Month" Award or OTM is a service of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) intended to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups, and programs of on-campus living communities of colleges and universities nation-wide. Any person affiliated with the on-campus living community may submit or be nominated for an OTM at go.unl.edu/nrhhotms. Every OTM should be month-specific and illustrate how the nominee went above and beyond expectations during the month of nomination. Campus winners are selected each month by the UNL Scarlet and Cream Chapter of NRHH and are submitted to the regional level, where they may be considered for regional and national recognition.

November 2003 Executive Board Member Todd King Ashley Morrison
November 2003 National Communications Coordinator Heidi Puckett Candice Olson
November 2003 Organization NRHH Scarlet & Cream Chapter Candice Olson
November 2003 Residential Community Residents of Love Memorial Hall Lacey Merica
November 2003 Spotlight Pedram Nabegh Lacey Merica
December 2003 Diversity Program Cultural Jeopardy Alicia Fowler
December 2003 National Communcations Coordinator Heidi Puckett Candice Olson
December 2003 Spotlight Abel/Sandoz Desk Workers & Nigh Clerks Candice Olson
January 2004 Organization NRHH Scarlet & Cream Chapter Candice Olson
February 2004 Advisor Dave Williams Heidi Puckett
February 2004 Community Service Program Valentine Babysitting Heidi Puckett
February 2004 Educational Program OTM Awareness Month Candice Olson
February 2004 Executive Board Member Trevor Fitzgerald Pablo Barajas & Amy Cooper
March 2004 Community Service Program Get Rid of Your Greens Lindsay Wayt, Tony Perkins, & Steve Vogt
March 2004 Diversity Program Around the World in Eight Floors Alicia Fowler
April 2004 Organization NRHH Scarlet & Cream Chapter Candice Olson
April 2004 Student Marcus Heller Pablo Barajas
August 2004 National Communications Coordinator Amy Copper Sarah Robinson
October 2004 Community Service Program Project Home Sweet Home Kelli Woods
November 2004 Educational Program Electoral Showdown Greg Hartman
November 2005 Residential Community MACURH Conference Staff Sarah Robinson
January 2006 Residential Community Selleck 8200 Amanda Venenga
February 2006 Community Service Program Jambalaya Jam: A Hurricane Katrina Relief Benefit Karri Sanderson
September 2006 Community Service Program Car Wash for the Friendship Home Denise Williams
October 2006 Residence Life Professional Staff Dave DeLashmutt Tom Sharp 
January 2007 First Year Student Brittany Liebsack Gwen Langrehr
August 2007 Community Service Program PUMA Day of Service Denise Williams
September 2007 Advisor Tom Sharp Ashley Grace
September 2007 Residence Life Professional Staff Mary Elliott Melissa Harder
November 2007 Educational Program Shake It Up! Linda Harvey
April 2008 Executive Board Member Cassie Teeter Allison Kenney
August 2008 Social Program 2nd Annual Abel/Sandoz Opening Bash Denise Williams
August 2009 First Year Student Jordan Anderson Jared Dailey
August 2009 Social Program 3rd Annual Selleck Slam Toby Toland
August 2009 Spotlight Office of Academic Support & Intercultural Service Alicia A. Piotrowski-Hayden
September 2009 Executive Board Member Danny Scheyer Allison "Orca" Woolcott
November 2009 Educational Program Health Fair 2009 Jessica Bumpus
January 2010 Executive Board Member Amanda Wekesser Allison "Orca" Woolcott
January 2010 First Year Student Spencer Thompson Sammy Nabulsi
February 2010 First Year Student Max Wheeler Melissa Peters
August 2010 Student Katherine Palmisano Craig Lennon
February 2011 Organization HSSRA Brandon Nelson
March 2011  Community Service Program Pi(e) Day Glen Sisk
March 2011  Social Program Coffee & Karaoke Nicole Wilburn
August 2011  Educational Program First Thursday! Derek McConnell 
August 2011  Resident Assistant Erin Parker Alan Frizzell
October 2011 Community Service Program Burr-Fedde-Love Safe Trick-Or-Treat Night Lesley Esters
January 2012  Residential Community Piper Two Katie Oltman
February 2012  Passive Program No Glove No Love Max Wheeler
March 2012 Community Service Program Pi(e) Day Amy Fellhoelter
April 2012 Residence Life Professional Staff Kelsey Cuvelier Sam Zeitner
August 2012  Desk Attendant Caitlin Olsen Jacquelyn Norris Summers
September 2012  Resident Assistant Tony Evans Max L. Walling
November 2012  Community Service Program Black White Red Nathan Ross
November 2012 Passive Program  Lossing Your Leaves? Meghan Krokaugger
December 2012 Desk Attendant Phillip Sanks Randon Rohlfs
December 2012 Community Service Program Give Love, Get Grub Chelsea Hull
January 2013 Diversity Program A Taste of Judaism Matt Zalman
November 2013 Social Program 24 Hour Husker Hunt Melissa Peters
February 2014 Community Service Program The Neihardt Date Auction and Talent Show Jamdan Clang
April 2014 Residence Life Professional Staff Alan Frizzell Jr. Kaylyn Neverve
May 2014 Social Program Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles, Buble, and Bubbly Jessica Vasquez
June 2014 Spotlight Matthew Knapp Ethan Schwarten & Benjamin Billesbach
August 2014 Educational Program Courtyards Cookout Gustavo Reyes
September 2014 Executive Board Member Maxwell Rombach Aisha Lee
November 2014 Educational Program Eastside Cafe Annie Lundeen
December 2014 Residence Life Professional Staff Lesley Esters Tyler Schindler
December 2014 Social Program Decorate for Mary and Relax! Tyler Schindler
February 2015 First Year Student Steven Santos Tyler Schindler
February 2015 Residential Community Harper Hall Floor 2 Tyler Schindler
May 2015 First Year Student Alexis Fregoso Tyler Schindler
August 2015 Educational Program Housing Assassins Tyler Schindler
August 2015 Institution Faculty/Staff Jane Wemhoff Lauren Scanlan
August 2015 Residence Life Professional Staff Carrie Fitzwater Aisha Lee
September 2015 Resident Assistant Jacob Roan Annie Lundeen
October 2015 Social Program Abel Halloween Extravanganza Rachel Finnegan
October 2015 Student Chase Thompson Tyler Schindler
December 2015 Social Program RHA Resident Success and Wellness Relaxation Night Rachel Finnegan
January 2016 Passive Program Rock and Roll Music - Lemmy Kilmister Tribute Vojislav Medic
February 2016  Passive Program Totally Baldacious NRHH Executive Board
February 2016  Spotlight New & Improved: ARA's Constitution Rachel Finnegan
September 2016  Passive Program If There Were 100 People Carrie Fitzwater 
April 2017  Community Service Program Quarter Auction Carrie Fitzwater
September 2017 Community Service Program Hotel Harper Veronica Tabor
October 2017 Educational Program Fall into Hope Morgan Green
October 2017  Residence Life Professional Staff Jaime Maturino Bryce Kaltenbach
February 2018 Community Service Program Neidhardt Date Auction Kayla Rafferty
April 2018 Social Program Stranger Suites Morgan Green
March 2019  Diversity Program Party Around the World Pankaj Desai
October 2019 Student Staff Member Jed Hewitt Morgan Green
March 2020 Educational Program The Price is Right Anonymous
August 2020 Educational Program Hall Gov Training Grace Hanson
August 2020 Social Program RHA Movie Night Cierra O'Shields
September 2020 First-Year Student Aliyah Muniz Cierra O'Shields
September 2020 Organization Knoll Council Executive Board Hunter Parker
October 2020 Community Service Program Quarter Auction Cierra O'Shields
November 2020 Organization Honors Program Student Advisory Board Pankaj Desai

Month/Year Category Nominee Nominator
January 2021 Spotlight UNL RBC Award Bid Writing Team Cierra O'Shields
February 2021 Social Program Harper Hearts Veronica Tabor
March 2021 Diversity Program On The Basis Of Sex Jacob Granger
March 2021 Executive Board Member Karli Workman Cierra O'Shields
August 2021 First Year Student Ashlyn Glancy Karli Workman
September 2021 Organization Office for Academic Success and Intercultural Services (OASIS) Bria Coleman
October 2021 Executive Board Member Ashley Torneten Emily Barajas
November 2021 Executive Board Member Michael Hodge Cierra O'Shields
November 2021 Educational Program Music Bingo Night Harish Krishnappan
January 2022 Spotlight UNL Mobile Order App Bria Coleman
August 2022 Advisor Jacob W. Sherry Xinyu Liu
August 2022 Residential Community Smith Hall Floor 10 Olyvia Nguyen
September 2022 Residence Life Professional Staff Olyvia Nguyen Cassie Roth
September 2022 Social Program Peach Party Morgan Green McConnell
October 2022 Residence Life Professional Staff Brandy Matthews Cassie Roth
October 2022 Spotlight Husker Vote Coalition Madison Hurst
February 2023 Educational Program 5 Love Languages Carrie Fitzwater
February 2023 Institution Faculty/Staff Gretchen Hamilton Colin H Safford
February 2023 Passive Program Crush for Your Crush Lisa Mueller
February 2023 Residential Community Selleck 6300s Anders Trelstad
February 2023 Social Program Snow Day Pancakes Dan Hudson
February 2023 Spotlight East Camus Dining Morgan Green-McConnell
March 2023 Community Service Program St. Baldrick's Shave for the Brave Xinyu Liu
March 2023 Residential Community Knoll 2 South Anders Trelstad
March 2023 Residence Life Professional Staff Justin Spenner Colin H Saffod
March 2023 Spotlight University Housing Payroll Dan Hudson
April 2023 Educational Program Press Box KC Trip Emily Madsen
April 2023 Residence Life Professional Staff Oliver Willis Harish Krishnappan

February 2004 National Communications Coordinator Michael Marshall Heidi Puckett
March 2004  Advisor Ashley Daday Lacey Merica
January 2011 Social Program World Record Dodgeball Attempt Nicole Wilburn
November 2014  Community Service Program Cafe Eastside Kaitlin Ferris 
October 2015 Educational Program Netflix & Chill Sydney Weddleton
October 2015 Resident Assistant Konner Lamb Lauren Scanlan
December 2015  Community Service Program Harper Helps the Homeless Tyler Schindler
December 2015 Spotlight Skate for a Change Tyler Schindler & Megan Eisenbeis
April 2016 Community Service Program UNL's 2nd Annual Shave for the Brave NRHH Executive Board
April 2016 Social Program Eastside Suites Quarter Auction Kaitlin Ferris
January 2018  Educational Program Cold Cash Morgan Green
March 2018  Educational Program Knoll Celebrates International Women's Day 2018 Pankaj Desai
April 2018  Diversity Program Celebrate HOLI -The Indian Celebration of Spring! Pankaj Desai
October 2019 Student Staff Member Jed Hewitt Morgan Green
August 2022 Advisor Jacob W. Sherry Xinyu Liu
September 2022 Social Program Peach Party Morgan Green McConnell