NRHH proudly contributes to programs that support our values of Service and Recognition.

If you are a Resident Assistant, Hall Government, or other group that needs financial assistance in putting on a program that supports our values, please fill out the funds request form at and follow the instructions.

NRHH defines Service and Recognition as:


Service is an excellent way for the members of NRHH to give back to the community that helped shaped them into the excellent leaders they have become. The best part about the service projects the Scarlet & Cream Chapter of NRHH does is that they not only affect the UNL residence halls, but also UNL, Lincoln, and surrounding areas in Nebraska.


Recognition is the fuel to the fire of leadership. When others find that their hard work has been noticed by someone, they are encouraged to keep up the good work. They take on bigger tasks and work more aggressively on their projects. Eventually, because they were recognized as doing an excellent job, they will become outstanding student leaders.

NRHH Expects that:

All requests for NRHH funding must follow the procedures outlined on the funds request form at

The funds must be used for activities that uphold the values of the National Residence Hall Honorary. Inappropriate requests for funds include requests for donations, requests for money that is used in an inappropriate way (i.e.: donations, activities against university policies or state and federal law), or to reimburse the organization after the event has taken place.

Guidelines for Requesting Funds:

  1. Complete the funds request form at All boxes must be filled out.
  2. Submit the form by the 12:00 pm on the Thursday before the next Tuesday meeting to have your request heard – if you have any questions or concerns please send an email to the NRHH email NRHH execs meet every Friday to review requests to add to the agenda for the following Tuesday meeting at 5:00 p.m. in the Pioneers Room at the WCDC.
  3. A representative from your organization must be present to speak about your request OR a representative may also request a zoom link to zoom into the NRHH meeting to present.
  4. The NRHH Logo must be displayed on all advertising.
  5. NRHH encourages individuals/groups seeking funding to submit OTMs. Amount of past OTM submissions could impact the likelyhood of a request being considered.
  6. Those requesting funding for apparel should request a quote through Underground Printing (an approved UNL vendor) and show their request either matches or is less than the price break received through Underground Printing. UNL has a representative at this company, Mark (, who can get significant discounts on t-shirts that has proven to reduce costs close to 50% of comparative shirt costs. Calling vendors and price checking can achieve great strides in gaining discounts for the institution and best utilizing student and student-raised funds.
  7. Failure to follow Funding Request Guidelines will result in a delay to your request being considered.
  8. Those who receive funding and do not appropriately advertise NRHH sponsorship or make no effort to follow the funding guidelines may risk future funding requests being denied by the organization for up to a year or more.